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Portland Japanese Garden Lapel PinUS & Japan Flag Lapel PinDragonfly Earrings,PG-SGS02ESFrog Earrings,PG-SSS03ELotus Earrings,PG-SSS07E

Portland Japanese Garden Lapel Pin


US & Japan Flag Lapel Pin


Dragonfly Earrings


Frog Earrings


Lotus Earrings

Dragonfly Necklace,PG-SGS02SLotus Necklace,PG-SGS07SCloth Folding Fan,HF-258 (WEB)Paper Wallet,ASS'TDSilk Fan Bag,HF-FAN ASST

Dragonfly Necklace


Lotus Necklace


Cloth Folding Fan


Paper Wallet


Silk Fan Bag

Uchiwa Sensen Fan,TS488Furoshiki Blue Swirl,20479-101Furoshiki Dots,DOTS BLACKFuroshiki Folded Paper,FOLDED PAPER BLUEFuroshiki Green Blossom,20479-105

Uchiwa Sensen Fan


Furoshiki Blue Swirl


Furoshiki Dots


Furoshiki Folded Paper


Furoshiki Green Blossom

Furoshiki Hida Express,THE HIDA EXPRESSFuroshiki Leather Carry Strap,LEATHER CARRY STRAPFuroshiki Mountain Blossom,MOUNTAIN BLOSSOM MIDFuroshiki Purple Chrysanthemum,20479-124Cherry Blossom Scarf,WTC-SLK133

Furoshiki Hida Express


Furoshiki Leather Carry Strap


Furoshiki Mountain Blossom


Furoshiki Purple Chrysanthemum


Cherry Blossom Scarf

Indigo Brush Scarf,ST-PIC005Indigo Weave Scarf,ST-PIC015Umeko Scarf,AE-Z-UMEK-RDTaki Hugo Watch,10067Taki Park Watch,10109

Indigo Brush Scarf


Indigo Weave Scarf


Umeko Scarf


Taki Hugo Watch


Taki Park Watch

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