Japanese Foods That Heal
John & Jan Belleme
Softcover, 224 pages, B&W, 10" x 7"

In Japanese Foods That Heal, John and Jan Belleme introduce eighteen essential foods from Japan that are still cultivated and prepared using time-honored methods and recipes. This healthy Japanese cookbook includes everything you need to know about those healthy and delicious foods: from nutrition and medical facts to recipes and tips for creating wholesome and flavorful meals. You will come to learn how each food was produced in years past, how it can benefit your health and well-being, and how it is made today. A pronunciation guide and food glossary helps to demystify Japanese foods, while the included shopping resource offers practical tips for finding all the foods used in the book. With Japanese Foods That Heal as your guide, you will soon learn that the old Japanese saying Isoku Dogen, or "Food is Medicine," is more than a proverb; it's the"> Japanese Foods That Heal - store.japanesegarden.com